Master Bedroom 

A man’s bedroom is the ultimate expression of his personal taste. This year, interior designer Campion Platt has brought his broad experience and refined vision to bear on the master bedroom suite. Platt found his inspiration for the room—a study in pattern and finish—in the impeccable luxury . “New, rich, textural, sophisticated, enduring, timeless; these are the qualities that convey the idea of a master bedroom really being ‘his place,’ more of a dressing lounge than a formal bedroom,” says Platt. In addition to incorporating the-inspired ideas of weaving and structure into the master suite’s design, Platt has used textiles from the Italian men’s brand throughout the room.
“The master bedroom was created using some of the finest fabrics available,” says Robert Aldrich, President & CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna North America, “touching on our roots as a fabric mill founded in 1910 by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo. In collaboration with Campion Platt, we selected a rich color palate and sourced fabrics from our own Lanificio mill to be used throughout the room. Zegna materials in pure cashmere, silk, and superfine wool create a luxurious environment showcased in the duvet cover and accent pillows and throws.”
Incorporated into Ermenegildo Zegna’s 2011 fall line—and into the master bedroom—are limited edition items created by Zegna to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary in China. Zegna has developed a dedicated wardrobe that combines sartorial Italian style with a touch of Chinese influence. The collection includes a subtle silk print based on a twelfth century painting, Along the River During the Qingming Festival, by Zhang Zeduan. Zegna has incorporated the print both on leather bags and on a Chinese silk fabric used in jacket linings; additional yardage of the fabric was specially produced for Platt to create the master bedroom’s duvet cover.

 The master suite is a total environment. From the major design elements to the finest details, Platt, perhaps borrowing a page from Frank Lloyd Wright or Gio Ponti, has taken charge of the difficult space. The bedroom is a remarkably intimate room, and at night, it is nestled in a cradle of city lights. To achieve the right affect, Platt had to overcome the dramatic yet rather unforgiving geometry of the suite. “We were challenged by the space itself and the inability to really locate the bed on a wall, so we floated it in the corner. To create more ceiling height and work with the heavily angled walls, we used a graduated venetian plaster in aubergine hues to compliment the fabrics from Ermenegildo Zegna. The interplay between the furniture and the Kim Heirston-curated art and sculpture all evoke a shimmering downtown feel to complement the sparkle of the city.”

Finishing details of the room include carefully selected art and lighting, such as a touch-sensitive work lamp by Antonio Citterio, recently launched in Milan by Italian manufacturer FLOS in partnership with Zegna. Above the desk is a monumental black and white photograph by British twins Jane and Louise Wilson, entitled CASTEMATE H667.
The closet, designed by Platt and custom built by SFA Design, puts the ultimate Zegna fall wardrobe at the Esquire Man’s fingertips—from suits to shirts to outerwear, shoes to alligator accessories. The unique master bathroom, comprising a 30-foot long expanse of gray stone and clear glass, includes his-and-hers vanity sinks, an open shower, and an enticing freestanding tub, all with views of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan.
“The Esquire Man is refined in taste, he appreciates design innovation, and he desires products that are the ultimate in quality,” explains Aldrich. “We have an over 100-year heritage of design, fabric innovation, and quality at Ermenegildo Zegna, so the Esquire Apartment is the perfect venue to experience a very modern and unique approach to interior design.”

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